Our approach to have a safe Online Retail store was developed in response to the fast-changing conditions presented by COVID-19 and responses that became necessary along the way to continue our operations and keep our customers safe.

Many of these considerations will be influenced by public health conditions or governmental regulatory actions. Yet other considerations will be dependent on the type of business model, environment or challenges you face.

By sharing this, we hope to support other businesses, communities and leaders in efforts to establish methods by which retail can operate safely, prioritizing the safety of employees, customers, and communities alike. This is merely one set of considerations and may not fit every situation or challenge, but we hope you find it valuable.


 Our Safety Measures

  • Cleaning protocols - all jewelry will be sanitized and all clothing items are repackaged.
  • Changes to the return policy 
(store credit only)

Thanks to everyone out there doing their part to help our communities stay healthy.




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